Our menu includes a soup or vegetable cocktail, dessert and coffee.

Duck confit salad with orange and roasted almonds – 19  /  24
Large fries, duck confit, mild cheddar, mushrooms, green pepper, veal jus – 17  /  22
Blood pudding, roasted vegetables, cranberry sauce – 16  /  21
Burger with cheddar cheese, tomato, pickle, lettuce and fries – 16  /  21
Crispy polenta, roasted vegetables, parmigiano, Marinara sauce – 15  /  20
AAA flank steak with shallots sauce and French fries – 21  /  26
Beef tartar, pickled cauliflower and french fries – 17  /  22
Milk fed calf liver, caramelized shallots, roasted vegetables and bacon – 20  /  25
Pasta of the day – 14  /  19
Catch of the day – 21  /  26



Soup of the moment – 5
Salad with vinaigrette – 5
Creamy endive salad with Bénédictin blue cheese, walnuts and Cortland apples – 11
Warm goat cheese, olive oil grilled raisin bread, xeres marinated beets – 10
Beef tartar, pickled cauliflower – 13
Foie gras “au torchon” – 18

Main Courses

AAA flank steak with shallots sauce and French fries – 30
Milk fed calf liver, caramelized shallots, roasted vegetables and bacon – 32
Cheese tortellini, bacon and leek in a rosé sauce – 18
Wild scallop and shrimp risotto, baby spinach and parmigiano Reggiano – 29
Duck confit salad with orange and roasted almonds – 21
Hamburger with tomato and pickle, Brie cheese and fries – 16


Soup of the moment
 Salad with vinaigrette, carrot shavings and sprouts

Homemade duck and foie gras sausage, Brussels sprouts and orange gel
Blood pudding in puff pastry, smoked apple purée, endive
P.E.I mussels, fennel, lobster bisque
Roasted cauliflower, grapes, pine nuts, fried capers and brown butter
Artichoke stuffed with féta cheese au gratin
Foie gras “au torchon” – + 7

Appalachian red deer chop, blood pudding potato purée, cherry sweet and sour sauce – 59
Braised Quebec lamb shoulder, saffron chick peas, merguez, olive tapenade – 45
Ribeye steak 20oz, cipollini onions and bacon, potato and cream gratin, roasted vegetables (for 2) – 85
Ricotta gnocchi, celeriac velouté, roasted pear, walnuts and sage – 37
Duck leg confit, butternut squash, hazelnut, foie gras shavings – 41
 Catch of the day

Coffee & tea included

Espresso +2 / Cappuccino +3

All appetizers and main dishes from the “table d’hôte” can be ordered “a la carte”.



starting at $18

Hot & cold buffet daily, from 7 am to 10 am
Meat, Vienna rolls and other pastries, cheese, fresh fruit and more…

Sliced ham
Bagels, English muffins
Croissants and chocolate-based pastries
Variety of cheese
Fresh fruit salad
Hard boiled eggs
Scrambled eggs
Breakfast sausage and bacon
Assorted cereals (including Muslix)
Yogurt with fruit
Compote de fruits (stewed)

Juice, coffee, tea, milk