Summer Activities in the Eastern Townships:

Some of our Team’s Favourites!

For the past couple of years, domestic tourism has taken off! Restricted from travelling abroad, Quebeckers have been discovering their own backyard. Nowhere is this more true than in the Eastern Townships―our own beautiful region!

Here are five ideas for summer activities you can enjoy during your next stay. Appealing to a range of ages and abilities, they have been suggested by members of our sizeable team at PAL+, each of whom has chosen his or her own particular favourite. Even if you’re a local resident, we’re sure you’ll love to discover (or rediscover!) these fun activities and attractions.

Laurence | Human Resources Coordinator, PAL+

Laurence is a big fan of stand up paddleboarding (commonly referred to as SUP) and Lake Memphremagog is the perfect spot to enjoy this fast-growing sport. She heads out from the Plage des Cantons beach in Magog and from there she can paddle into the Rivière aux Cerises wetlands.

In the past, she has also taken a SUP yoga course―a truly original activity but not without its challenges!

Although Laurence owns her own paddleboard, if you do not, you can rent one at the Plage des Cantons. Here are a couple of other places in Magog that also offer rentals:

Vie de plein air
Club Nautique du Petit Lac Magog


© Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est


| Deputy Director, OMG Resto

Guillaume LOVES Sherbrooke! He particularly likes its urban vibe and the fact that the city offers all manner of activities and attractions.

During the summer, he frequents the Jacques-Cartier Park. He, of course, likes to wander along the Lac des Nations with a group of friends, his significant other, or his family. At one end of the walkway is the Marché de la Gare, another of Guillaume’s favourite venues. The market (a former railway station) houses several charming little food shops. Picking up a mouth-watering gelato from the Savo bistro is an absolute must!

After a busy day, Guillaume often unwinds by pigging out at the OMG Resto, located in what was formerly the Sainte-Thérèse Church. Oh yeah, he might be biased… but we think it’s safe to say he enjoys Sherbrooke to the hilt!

Montage E4S

Annie | Marketing Manager, PAL+

Annie is a sporty type and her favourite outdoor activity is to scale the heights!

The climbing venue in the Eastern Townships that she favours above all others is Lake Larouche, a veritable jewel. Situated in Racine, about 25 minutes from our hotel, Lake Larouche not only offers spectacular views of the lake, but also a variety of challenges geared to all types of climbers―top rope, beginners, and traditional.

When the weather is too nasty to climb in the outdoors, Annie heads for the recently-opened D-Vert rock climbing gym and fitness centre in Magog. It has 16,000 square feet of climbing walls. The positions of the grips for your hands and feet are changed every week―making each climb a fresh challenge! After all that exertion, you can rest for a while with a drink or a good cup of coffee.




Richard | Receptionist, Espace 4 Saisons

Due to the fact that he works as a receptionist at our hotel, Richard often has to make recommendations to guests about what there is to see and do in the region. The one place that he suggests most often, is the beach at Lake Fraser.

Situated not far from the hotel, within Mount Orford National Park, this stretch of water is smaller than the popular Lake Stukely, but it is less crowded. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing at the beach, swimming or exploring the peaceful waters by kayak, canoe or in a pedal boat (equipment can be rented onsite.) There’s also a children’s playground and a volleyball court.

Richard, who works the evening shift, is looking forward to Lake Fraser’s opening because in the summer, he can go there during the daytime. He particularly loves the quiet section between the campgrounds and the beach, where he can take long, contemplative walks. He often packs a picnic, so he can enjoy having lunch with his family!




Nathalie | Financial Controller, PAL+

Nathalie loves to explore and to make new discoveries. She particularly enjoys sampling different restaurants and she knows practically every place in the region! Regarding her favourite venue, it was she who told us about a particular winery―Le Cep d’Argent. Situated just outside Magog, it’s about 15 minutes by car from Espace 4 Saisons.

Nathalie often stops by the winery to pick up some of its products. We asked her to name her favourite(s), but she said that was impossible! She loves them all―the kir, the sparkling wine and, of course, the bubbly created according to the traditional method of making champagne.

She has already attended a dinner with live entertainment at Cep d’Argent, which she really enjoyed, but she hasn’t yet had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the premises and the vineyard. She intends to do just that, this summer!

Montage E4S (1)

For more ideas about what to see and do on your summer vacation in our region, check the websites of our tourism partners.

Tourisme Memphrémagog

Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est

Destination Sherbrooke

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