The weekend is a time to relax and to have fun and of course, eat well! Instead of grabbing lunch in the middle of a workday, we take our time to enjoy a meal with one or more of our loved ones. Bistro 4 Saisons offers the opportunity to do just that, because now, every Sunday, we serve brunch!

Chef Pierre Nief gives us the lowdown on how he and his kitchen crew came up with a winning formula for a brunch menu—a formula that is already proving popular with diners!

How long have you been offering brunch at Bistro 4 Saisons?

For about a year. We wanted to add a brunch on Sundays so that we could further showcase local and regional products. They already have pride of place on the lunch and dinner menus, and we wanted to add them to the morning menu as well.

Quebecers have a certain notion of what brunch is all about—in other words, a buffet-style breakfast. Being originally from France, my idea of brunch is more of a leisurely meal with family or friends in a convivial atmosphere, sharing a variety of dishes.

We wanted to offer something just as substantial as a run-of-the-mill brunch but served individually. That’s why we designed our brunch to start with an assortment of pastries, then a platter of charcuterie and local cheeses, followed by a main course, and ending with… dessert, of course!

But why not a buffet?

Two main reasons. Buffets result in a lot of wasted food and we’re always looking for ways to reduce that. What’s more, serving food individually allows us to control the quality, temperature and presentation of the dish, to make sure it’s up to our usual high standards. Of course, during the week, the Bistro still offers a great breakfast buffet!

What are the must-haves on a brunch menu?

Brunch is a portmanteau of “breakfast” and “lunch”, so that gives us wide choice when it comes to what to include on the menu.

It starts with a basket of sweet things: bread, pastries, pound cake, jams and butter. Next comes the savoury platter with local charcuterie, a variety of Quebec cheeses and accompaniments such as olives and nuts. 

The main courses are fairly simple—diners generally have four options—but they are super-gourmet, generous portions. Some diners find it difficult to finish such hearty dishes!

What’s the most popular item on the menu?

I shouldn’t boast, but in my opinion, our eggs Benedict is among the best in Quebec! Fresh eggs from the À la canne blanche farm, creamy homemade Hollandaise sauce, with bacon and vegetables… Try this dish and you’ll see for yourself!

Our French toast is also the best of the best. It’s standard fare in most brunches, but we’ve augmented it with gourmet touches—caramelized nuts, cream, and a dollop of maple syrup.

What local products are featured on the menu?

The menu changes every two to three months, according to what happens to be in season, whether that be vegetables, fruit, and even fish and seafood.

The cold cuts and cheese for our savoury board are all from the Eastern Townships and they’re made by producers such as La Station in Compton, Fromagerie Nouvelle-France and Les Cochons tout ronds shop, both located in Racine (among other producers). Our maple syrup comes from Eastman, our mushrooms from Mycep farm in Granby, our eggs from Bec-O farm, which is also in Compton, etc.

Our menu is not 100% local, but our goal is to always showcase the region’s finest products as much as we can—from the brunch menu to the dinner menu.

Enjoy our delicious brunch served every Sunday (11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.) The menu changes from time to time according to the season, so plan to come more than once! To book a table, just click here.

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